GroupShare enables a group of members to have a virtual work area within the League's Member Portal which includes a Calendar, Discussions, Photos, Tasks list, News items and more.  The GroupShare groups are either ad-hoc, administered in Access Manager or established committees/Position Groups administered by Position Manger

If you would like GroupShare live for your league, please let us know by emailing

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After we activate GroupShare for your league, you will see the MY GROUPS link available on the Member Portal homepage. 

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To enable committees as GroupShare groups, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please make sure your Positions have been assigned for the 2021-2022 League Year. See the article Position Manager - Step by Step
  1. Designate your Group Leaders for each committee or group under Correlations. See the article Managing Group Leaders through Position Manager
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  2. In Position Groups, choose all the groups for which you would like to turn on GroupShare. See the article Configuring Groups Through Position Manager
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To enable access groups as GroupShare groups, see the following articles below:
Configuring Groups Through Access Groups
Managing Group Leaders in Access Groups