This article will walk you through how to create a Registration Tool and add shifts/events/meetings.

Required access:
You will need the Registration Administrator or Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • From the Member Portal, go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Registration Tool Manager

1) Add Frequently Used Physical Locations

First, enter the Locations you frequently use for your events. If it's a physical location that will be used for more than one event, enter it in the Registration Locations page by clicking on Add Location. See Video - Manage Locations in the Calendar

If the event you would like to add will only be used once or is a virtual event, skip this step.

2) Add Registration Tool 

Next, create your registration tool or calendar, which is needed before creating individual events. Not all calendars have the same set up and creating registration tools allows you to group similar events in one calendar. 

Here are the different types we recommend:

  1. Meetings GMMs, Board Meetings, Executive Team and New Member meetings 
  2. Member Events - Internal member events such as Socials
  3. Public Paid Events - Public Events with paid options that are synced to your Public Site will go in this calendar
  4. Shift or Volunteer Opportunities - Shift opportunities should be put on a Shifts calendar, or you can create a calendar for shifts associated with a particular event e.g. Shifts: Touch-A-Truck.
  5. Public Free Events (optional) - For events that are free to the public, usually a recruitment event for new Members.

See Creating a Registration Calendar Through The Wizard

After you create a registration tool like "Meetings", there are advanced setup options to configure this registration tool. Take note, anything (except for name and description) set up at the Registration Tool level will become the default for all events created in this tool. See Advanced Setup and Editing Registration Calendar

For all tutorials related to this topic, see Setting Up a Registration Calendar

3) Add Shifts, Events and/or Meetings

The last step is to add your shifts, events and meetings to the registration tool you just created. In Registration Tool Manager, next to the Registration Tool you would like to add events to, click Manage

On the next page, click on Add Registration Event to create your event. 

For example, inside your Meetings registration tool/calendar, you can create the events for your GMMs, Board Meetings, EMT and New Member meetings. See Creating & Editing Individual Events/Shifts in a Registration Calendar

There is also a mass create events option, which is helpful when you are creating the same type of event like GMMs. See Mass Creating, Editing, and Assigning Shifts and Events

Other Location Types

  • Other Location - If you want to add a Location that will only be used once, there is an Other Location section where you can add a location. 
  • Virtual Locations - This is a new option that will allow you to include a meeting link for Members to join a virtual meeting. The options include: Zoom, Google Meets, ShinDig and Teams 

For Public and Paid Events, see these tutorials:

Paid Events

  1. How to Configure a Paid Events Calendar
  2. How to Set Up Paid Event Options

Public and Guest Events

  1. Configuring a Registration Tool to Allow Guests
  2. Creating an Event that Allows Guests

Volunteer Shifts

  1. How to Mass Create Shifts and Events

For all tutorials related to this topic, see Setting Up Individual and Recurring Events/Shifts

Note: If you do not want to Members to sign up for your event and you are still finalizing the details, you can add a number of days in Sign Up Start Days Before. For example, if you set it to 1, they can only sign up a day before the event. When you're ready to make this event available for registration, remove 1 from this field.

3) Attendance Tracking

To manage attendance for your event, there is an attendance page where you can mark attendance. If you have a Primary Coordinator or Secondary Coordinator assigned to an event, make sure that in the Setup of the Registration Tool, under Advanced - Coordinator, the Primary Coordinator Access and the Secondary Coordinator Access fields are both set to Manage Attendees so that they will be able to manage attendance for the event. 

If you would like to display the Attendee Counts for your event to members, in the Setup of your Registration Tool, under General, set Show Number of Attendees to yes. If you would like to also display the Attendee List, set Make Roster Publicly Viewable to Yes.

Also, if you would like your Coordinators to receive registration and cancellation emails once the event is open, go to Setup > Advanced - Notification of Registration and Advanced - Notification of Cancellation and set the Send Notification of Cancellation/Registration Email Days Before to 365 or a date in advance before your event starts.

See Marking Attendance for Registration Events/Shifts for steps to manage attendance for your event.

Self Check In Using the JL Mobile App (Optional)

Setting Up a Registration Tool to Use Self Check-In

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Using the JL App as a Member to Check in/out of an Event

Using the Self Check-In Admin Features

Configuring Hours for Registrations

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