This article will walk through how to configure a registration calendar to be used for Paid Events. Before Paid Events can be used, make sure your Stripe keys have been set up. Follow the steps in this article: Setting Up Financial Transactions in Stripe

You can set up meetings/events/shifts within a registration calendar to have paid options when they register. For example, if you had a dinner event set up in the registration calendar, you could have a variety of paid options for a Chicken Dinner, Steak Dinner, Vegetarian Dinner, etc.  

IMPORTANT: When setting up a calendar as a Paid Events Calendar, only paid events can be created within that calendar. A calendar cannot have a combination of paid and non-paid events within it. If you create a Paid Events Calendar, all events within the calendar will have payment options.

Required access: 

You will need the Registration Administrator access level. 

How to get there:

  • From the Member Portal, click on Admin > Member Management 
  • Select Registration Tool Manager 

If this Registration Calendar does not yet exist: 

  1. Read the article Creating a Registration Calendar Through The Wizard here
  2. When creating the calendar, you'll set the dropdown that says Are these Paid Events? to Yes

If this Registration Calendar already does exist:

 You can only change the calendar to be a Paid Events calendar if no events have yet been created within the calendar 

  • Click Setup next to the Registration Calendar that should be for Paid Events
  • Go to the section Advanced - Paid Events 
  • Set Is this a paid event? to Yes
  • If the system does not let you change this option, this means the calendar has already had non-paid events created within it, so it can't be switched to be a Paid Events calendar. You will need to create a new, Paid Events calendar.