This article will walk through how to set up paid event options. Within a registration event, if the tool is configured for paid events, you can set up different payment options for people to choose when registering.

To learn how to configure a calendar for paid events, click here to read the article How to Configure a Paid Events Calendar.

An example of this would be if you were hosting a seminar where people needed to pay for seats. For example, you could have a General Admission paid option for $20, a General Admission VIP option for $50, a General Admission with Meet and Greet for $100, etc. 

Required access:

You will need the Registration Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • From the Member Portal, Admin > Member Management
  • Select Registration Tool Manager
  • Click Manage next to the Registration Tool

How to add payment options:

  1. Search for the event you are adding options for
  2. Next to the event, click the Edit icon in the Options column
  3. Click Add Option by clicking on the plus button on the top right
  4. You'll fill out the following fields:
    • Name: The name of the option (i.e. VIP Tickets) 
    • Max Per Registration: The maximum of this option available for the whole event 
    • Max Per Person: How many of this option each person registering can purchase 
      • Please enter a value in this field. There is a bug with leaving this value blank.
    • Access Group: This is set if the option is only available to a certain group of people 
    • Price: Price of the Option 
    • Accounting Reference: Added as a code for accounting needs to be added for reports on purchases
    • Collect Attendee Information: This will collect the information for each person attending
    • Number of Attendees: Number of attendees for each option
  5. Save 
  6. You'll repeat this for any additional paid options needed for the event