League Positions can be granted a bundle of access levels through Position Based Admin Access or Access Bundles

After you review the steps to configure a placement with these bundles, please review the list of various Access Rights/Bundle under Role Based Permissions for Access Bundles

Required Access:

You will need the Administrators access level to assign Access Bundles

Where to go:

  1. Select Admin > Member Management > Position Manager.  
  2. Pick the Position tab, where you can search for the position like President.
  3. Select Configure
  4. Configure opens with the option to select Access Rights. Once selected, you will see the Implied Access Level permissions. In this example, the Implied Access Levels are Administrator and Security Administrator.
  5. Click Submit to apply the access rights. 

Role Based Permissions for Access Bundles

BundleAccess Level 1
Access Level 2
Access Level 3
Access Level 4Access Level 5
Access Level 6 
Training AccessForm AdminQuery ViewRegistration Admin

Transfer AccessAJLI Transfer AdminMember AdminQuery View

Full AdministratorAdministratorSecurity Admin

Group + QueryGroup AdminQuery View

Query + EmailQuery ViewEmail Admin

CommunicationsEmail AdminMy League Content

Dues AdminStripe AdminDues AdminQuery View

FinanceStripe AdminStore ManagerDues AdminQuery ViewRegistration Admin
Form + EmailForm AdminEmail Admin

Member + Requirements + QueryMember AdminRequirements AdminQuery View

Member + Requirements + Query + HoursMember AdminRequirements AdminQuery ViewHours Admin

Member + RegistrationMember AdminRegistration Admin

Fund DevelopmentStore ManagerStripe AdminQuery ViewForm AdminRegistration Admin
PlacementPlacement Matching AdminPosition AdministratorLocal Position Assignment Administrator

Member + Query + Form + EmailMember AdminQuery ViewForm AdminEmail Admin

Placement + MemberPlacement Matching AdminPosition AdministratorLocal Position Assignment AdministratorMember AdminRequirement AdminQuery Admin
Meeting CoordinatorRegistration AdminQuery ViewGroup AdminFile Admin

Access Group + GroupshareAccess Group AdminGroup Admin

WebsiteMy League ContentForm AdminLocal Webpage Administrator

Individual access levels can be found here: Admin Access Permissions 

Also, here's how to assign individual access levels: Video - Assigning Permissions


If you have a suggestion for a new Access Bundle that you think other Leagues would also use, please email: MemberEssentials@ajli.org with your suggestions.

To Review your Assignments: 

  1. Select Admin > Member Management > Access Manager
  2. Click System Assigned to review