• Assign Placements - Leadership Positions, Chair and Committee Member Positions
    • Complete your placements by assigning Members to Leadership, Chair and Committee Member positions.
      • Please make sure to assign Board Members and other Leadership positions. (President, PE, EVP, Finance/Treasurer, Communications VP, Community VP, Membership VP, etc.)  AJLI will use this information to communicate with your League Leadership.
      • Note: Placements and positions can be assigned in advance by setting the effective date of the placements or positions’ start date
        HOW-TO: Position Manager - Step by Step

  • Update League Roster: Add Members, Resign or Drop Departing Members
  • Assign Permissions for Incoming Member Essentials Administrators 
    • Before your new League year starts, make sure that you debrief the next Administrators on Member Essentials and on your specific administrative workflows. Assign the appropriate access levels or permissions so they can use the tools.
    • Schedule a formal transition meeting with the new Administrator taking over your tasks on Member Essentials.
    • Also, assign AJLI Permissions to access the League Admin Portal like: AJLI Dues Billing Admin and AJLI Transfer Admin. See League Admin Portal: User's Guide

  • Review Tutorials and Book a Training
    • We recommend that new Member Essentials Administrators review the tutorial videos and articles on our Support Portal at https://support.jl.org
    • Administrators can also schedule live trainings with the Member Essentials Support team by going to How to Get Help and Training for Member Essentials. Live support and training are included in your Member Essentials subscription.  

  • Update Calendars with New Events, Meetings, and Shifts
    • Add new events, meetings and shifts such as GMMs, Board meetings, Member events and volunteer opportunities in the Registration Tool
      HOW-TO: Registration Tool - Step by Step

  • Update Member Portal Content and Homepage
  • Send Invites to Members to Create Member Portal Accounts
  • Define and Assign Requirements for Member Essentials Plus Leagues
  • Encourage your Members to Log In to the Portal with our Communications Package