When your League has Holiday events and other types of sales that includes selling tickets, there are two options: 
  1. Create a Paid Public Event in the Registration Tool from the Member Portal and sync it automatically to the Public Site (available for Member Essentials Plus Leagues only). Take note, this is a one way sync. Any changes should be done in the Member Portal.

  2. Create an event manually from your League's Public Site through WordPress (ex) anycity.jl.org 
    Then, create a Simple Store page from your Member Portal (http://jl.org)
    Add a "Buy Tickets" link to your manual event and link your Simple Store page.

Take note, these features are only available for Member Essentials Plus Leagues.

Paid Public EventsSimple Store
  • Members can register for the event ahead of time
  • Admins can manage attendance
  • You can specify a number of Paid Options for the admission fee like Regular Admission Ticket, VIP Ticket, etc.
  • Automatically sync to the Public Site
  • Confirmation emails will be sent

  • No attendance tracking but quicker to set up
  • Easily purchase items
  • Receive a receipt for purchase
  • Manually add a link to the Simple Store from your Public Site page

Option 1 - Paid Public Event

  1. Create a Registration Tool called Paid Public Events by going to Admin > Member Management > Registration Tool. Make sure Are these Paid Events? field is set to Yes. See How to Configure a Paid Events Calendar
  2. Click Setup next to Paid Public Events. Find the Public/Guest section and set Allow Public Registration to Yes. You also have the option to set Allow guests? to Yes if you would like to allow the public to bring guests. Scroll to the bottom to save your settings. See Configuring a Registration Tool to Allow Guests
  3. Click on Manage next to Paid Public Events and Add Registration Event to create your event. See Creating & Editing Individual Events/Shifts in a Registration Calendar and Creating an Event that Allows Guests

  4. After you save your event, click on the edit icon under Options to add your Paid Options. See How to Set Up Paid Event Options 

  5. Go back and edit your event. Scroll all the way to the bottom, find the Advanced section and set the Enable this event on the public site? to Yes. After you save this event, it will take about 15 minutes to an hour for it to appear on your Public Site. Syncing to the Public Site (Plus/Deluxe)

Option 2 - Simple Store

  1. Create an event manually from your League's Public Site through WordPress (ex) anycity.jl.org

  2. Then, create a Simple Store page from your Member Portal (http://jl.org). To create a Simple Store page, see Video - Sell Items in Simple Store

  3. Click on the share icon next to your Simple Store to copy your link.

  4. Edit the event on WordPress, type "BUY TICKETS" into the text editor, highlight the text and click on the link button to paste the link from your Simple Store page. 
  5. Click on Update to save your changes and View Post to see what it will look like on your site.
  6. When you click on the Buy Tickets link, it will redirect you to the Simple Store page where you can purchase tickets.