There are 4 Steps for Setting Up Positions:

  1. Define or create new Positions like President, PE, Secretary, Membership Committee Chair, Membership Committee Member, etc. See the article Adding & Editing Positions

  2. Create new Position Groups like Board of Directors or a specific committee like the Membership Committee. See the article Adding & Editing Position Groups

  3. Correlate or link the Positions to Position Groups 
    • For example, you would add the correlation between the Membership Committee Member and the Membership Committee Chair to the Membership Committee (Position Group)
    • For this committee, you would usually do two correlations:
      1. First, you would correlate or link the Membership Committee to the Membership Committee Chair 
      2. Then, you would correlate the Membership Committee to the Membership Committee Member and repeat these steps for the rest of your placements.
    • See the article Correlating Positions to Position Groups

To see the video tutorial that covers Steps 1-3, watch Video - Define Placement Position

  1. Assigning Positions to your Members