This article will walk through how make a dues payment on behalf of a member using the Dues Listing module.

Where to Go:

To get to Dues payment page, click the link provided to you by your administrators. The link may be in your News and Reminders, next to the dues requirements, on a content page in My League, or even in an email. 

Making Your Payment:

  1. Impersonate a member's account to access their dues options on the Stripe landing page. 
  2. Select from one of three possible boxes, depending on how your league has configured dues:
  3. Select one of 3 choices, depending on how that item has been configured:
    • One Time Payment - A one-time, lump sum payment in full of your dues.
    • Payment Plan - Selecting this option will have the system automatically charge your card a portion of the total dues amount at certain intervals as configured by your administrators. The date of each subsequent payment is determined by the date of your initial payment. For example, if you made your initial payment on 5/11/2020, and your administrator has configured the payment plan for monthly payments, your next payment would be automatically charged to your card on 6/11/2020.
    • Recurring - Selecting this option will renew your membership annually by automatically charging your card a year from your initial payment.
  4. If entering a check payment, check off the "Admin: Click here to make the desired purchase on behalf of..." checkbox. If you'll be entering credit card info, leave that unchecked.
  5. Click Next
  6. If this was a check payment, you're done and will be directed to the order confirmation screen. If not, continue to the next step.
  7. On the checkout screen, review your order total for your payment (if you've selected a payment plan, you'll see only the first payment amount listed there).
  8. Click Pay Now
  9. Enter your email and credit card information.
  10. Click the Pay button