Member Essentials offers an integration with Mailchimp. This provides a way for your member's information in Member Essentials to sync with your Mailchimp account. There is tool to Monitor the sync in Member Essentials under Admin > Member Managemen> Mailchimp Config.  Also, Access Groups can appear as Tags which will sync nightly to Mailchimp.

Required access:

You will need the Email Administrator administrative access level or Administrator access.

Where to go:

To get to the Mailchimp Config, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Mailchimp Config

Steps to be taken:

Log in into your Mailchimp Account (make sure you have an available Audience)

  1. From Mailchimp, select Audience > Manage Audience > View Audience > Create Audience

2. Follow the prompts for the new Audience and save the Audience name.

3. Select your profile on the lower left corner, then Account

4. Select Extras > API keys

5. Select Create A Key and copy the API key

6. Return to Member Management > Mailchimp Config

7. Paste the API Key and the Audience Name / List Name

8.  Click Save

The Last sync will have the Date and Time when the synchronization completes, about every 4 hours.

As your members update their email address, the system will update Mailchimp every 4 hours.

  1. To watch the video tutorial: Video - Sync to MailChimp
  2. Tutorial to setup a new free Mailchimp account