This video will show how to create or define requirements for your League. (Duration 1:23)  

Take note, there are two additional Requirement Types not included in this video: Hours and Registrations. Please review the article below for more info. 


This article will walk you through how to create a requirement definition that can be assigned to members in your league.

If you are setting up Requirements for the first time, please contact AJLI before adding new requirements by emailing:, so that we may assist you.   

Required access:

You will need the Requirements Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Go to Requirements Manger

Steps to be taken:

  1. At the bottom of the page, click New Requirement
  2. Enter a Name for your Requirement
  3. Choose the Requirement Type. Here are the different types:
    • Activities - this is used for adhoc requirements that can't be fulfilled by the system. For example, if members have to bring clothes to a clothes drive, and an admin needs to manually assign the requirement, and manually mark the requirement as completed.
    • Forms - this is used if the member needs to complete a form to receive credit. This will pull from forms created in Admin > Member Management > Form Builder 2.0
      • If you select Forms, another dropdown will appear for you to define which form they need to complete to fulfill the commitment.
    • Hours - this is used if a member has to complete a certain number of member hours. For example, if they have to work 5 hours at the thrift store run by the league.
      • If you select Hours, another dropdown will appear for you to define which Hours Type they need to complete to fulfill the commitment. The options are: Administrative, Community Impact, Fundraising, Learning and Development, Volunteering. 
      • Also, take note, Show in Registration Tool should be set to No. There is no need to display the Hours requirement for a calendar to avoid double credits. 
    • Registrations - this is used if they have to attend a certain number of events. For example, if they have to attend 5 General Membership Meetings during the year.

  4. Choose the First Period Span this requirement. This is the first year it will be available to use.
  5. If applicable, choose a Last Period Span for when the requirement should no longer be available. When creating a new requirement span, you can leave this blank.
  6. Add a Requirement Description.
  7. Save