This article will outline the process for impersonating a member to see the site from their point of view.

Required access:

You will need the Administrator or Security Administrator access level.

Note: Administrators cannot impersonate other Administrators or Security Administrators.

Where to go:

  • From the Member Portal, go to Admin > Member Search or click the magnifying glass icon

Steps to be taken:

  1. Search for the member you are wanting to impersonate
  2. You can search by their name or status
  3. Click the name of the account 
  4. Find the section labeled Login or click Personal Information > Login from the left navigation menu
  5. Click Login as this userimpersonate.png
  6. You will see a red bar at the top of the page while you are in impersonation mode
  7. This will let you see the member portal from their point of view, including their member homepage and calendar.
  8. To stop impersonating them, click Exit impersonation mode on the red bar