How to setup the link between Member Essentials and MailChimp - This link will ensure your Mailchimp mailing list / Audience is current with your members emails.  The tutorial covers creating the Link to Mailchimp which requires an entire "Audience" from Mailchimp. (Duration: 2:41)


Member Essentials offers an integration with Mailchimp. This provides a way for your members information in Member Essentials to sync with your Mailchimp account. There is tool to Monitor the sync in Member Essentials under Admin, Member Management, Mailchimp config.  Also  Access Groups can appear as Tags will sync nightly to Mailchimp.

Required access:

You will need the Email Administrator administrative access level or Administrator.

Where to go:

To get to the Mailchimp Config follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Mailchimp Config

Steps to be taken:

Login into your Mailchimp Account, (have an available Audience).

  1. from Mailchimp select Audience, Manage Audience, View Audience, Create Audience

2. Follow the prompts for the new Audience, save the Audience name 

3. Select your profile ( lower left corner) then Account

4. Select Extras, API keys,

5. Select Create A Key,  copy the API key

6. Return to Member Management, Mailchimp Config

7. Paste the API Key and the Audience Name / List Name

8.  Click Save

Last sync will have Date and Time when the synchronization completes,  about every 4 hours.

As your members update their email address they system will update Mailchimp every 4 hours.