This article will walk you through how to sync your Leadership positions automatically to the public site in WordPress (works only for Member Essentials Plus and Public Site Deluxe versions) 

Administrative Access Level Needed: 

  • Query Administrator or Administrator for the Member Portal
  • WordPress Administrator for the Public Site

Member Portal:

  • Log in to the Member Portal ( to gather your Leadership information and images. 
  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Leadership Display Configurator
  • Click the plus (+) button to add a Leadership Position

  • Choose a Section and Position from the dropdown menus and add a Display Name

  • Repeat for each member of your Leadership team

Public Site

  • Log in to your League's WordPress Site: 

For example:

  • Find the Leadership page under Pages > Leadership and click "Edit"

  • Clear any existing content in the editor and paste the following shortcode into the text box: [dc_pages page_type="leadership"]

  • Leadership positions should now be displayed on your website's Leadership page

For example: