This article will show how to set up email notifications for transactions made through the Simple Store. (This feature may not be working at the moment but is still being fixed)

Required access:

You will need the Store Manager access level or Administrator.

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Go to Simple Store

Steps to be taken:

  1. Under the Actions column, click on the Edit icon next to the Store Page or Donation page you would like to add email notifications to.
  2. On the Email Notification Type dropdown, there are three options: No Notification, Nightly Summary and Notification per Transaction.
  3. The Nightly Summary will combine all the transactions made per day for that Store Page and send an email notification. For the Notification per Transaction, every time a new transaction is made in the Simple Store or Donation Page.
  4. If you choose Nightly Summary or Notification per Transaction, you will have the option to add up to five Admin Emails.