Dear Member Essentials Admins,

Giving Tuesday is around the corner, quickly followed by the holidays! Member Essentials has the tools to help with your League’s donation pages, holiday events, and holiday sales.

For Giving Tuesday, use the Simple Store to create a donation page. To get started, watch this Video - Create Donation Pages in Simple Store. We also created a sample donation page here, which you can re-create on your own Member Portal. The AJLI Team also created this social media package for this special day! Download it here and choose the November 2021 Social Media Graphics and Messaging links.

In addition, when your League has holiday events and sales that include selling tickets or items, there are two options: create a paid public event or create a Simple Store page, which will allow you to sell items. See Selling Tickets through Paid Events or the Simple Store (ME Plus)

For ideas, see below for some sample Holiday pages from Member Essentials Leagues:

If you have any questions, please email or visit our Support Portal

If you need additional help, you and/or your team can book a training with us: Click here to book a meeting



Member Essentials Support Team


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