Access Group Manager 

  • Resolved issue with the Position Group condition in Global Access Group Manager 
  • When a group has been disabled, the group will no longer display on the Member Admin Profile. 
  • Archived Positions are not appearing as an option when building a Custom Access Group 
  • Global Access Groups can now be auto-created using Position Definitions.

Access Manager 

  • New! Fixed an issue where two calendar icons were showing for date selection 
  • Removed dependency on the Requirements Administrator View access level 
  • When creating or updated records in the Access Manager, multiple rows/records will not appear/disappear 
  • The Admin View All access filter is available.

Admin Profile 

  • Admins can edit member info, submit, and be directed back to the Profile. 
  • Resolved issue with saving Qualifications 
  • The Admin Profile's edit/delete images have been replaced with icons. 
  • Resolved issues of being unable to delete Local Qualifications? 
  • Demographic Data in Statistical information section will show the correct fields.

AJLI Permissions 

  • Resolved issue with empty leadership sections still displaying in leadership page 


Content Management 

  • Updated Box Layout content pages to allow more boxes per page 

Create New Account 

  • As a user on a site where Sign Up and Login Modifiers are enabled, they will not be able to select their own username when invited. 

Email Tool 

  • New! Email History now reads “View Emails Older than 90 Days” if there are emails for the person older than 90 days 

Form Builder 2.0 

  • When clicking the "Archive" button for forms, a popup appears to confirm archiving the form. If you click cancel, the action is cancelled. 
  • Resolved issue of user incorrectly being presented with an error message during form submission 
  • If an Admin is not in the restricted access group for viewing form submissions/managing a form, they are no longer able to view the submissions from a user's profile. 


  • New! The My Groups page of GroupShare 5 will be updated. 
  • New! Update for My Groups listing page 
  • New! GroupShare calendar updates 
  • New! Group Member Type added to new GroupShare directory 
  • Resolved issue with GroupShare members being unable to access their groups' forms 
  • If a GroupShare is using the new discussions, on the group Directory page, they do not see the Discussions bubble icon 
  • The menu grid is hidden in GroupShare Directory page 
  • The search for Discussions in GroupShare is working 
  • Resolved issue with all groups not appearing in the group listing page in GroupShare 5 
  • Able to create new parent category in GroupShare Files 
  • Resolved issue with outside accounts pulling into GroupShare Hours Manager 
  • In GroupShare 5, group members will not have access to the Leadership Notebook. 
  • Pages icon added to new GroupShare homepage menu 
  • GroupShare Directory images are properly formatted 
  • Updates for forms in new GroupShare 
  • The GroupShare name link at the top of Discussions will redirect to the GroupShare 5 home page when Groupshare 5 is enabled 
  • A GroupShare Groups module will be added to Member Management. 
  • Resolved issue with multiple GroupShares appearing at the top of the Admin Profile 
  • Groups in the previous period span no longer display under the My Groups section of the navigation. 

Home Page 

  • Resolved issue with Quick Links sorting incorrectly 
  • Resolved issue with banner manager redirecting to home page 
  • Resolved issue with a variable displaying on the member home page? 
  • When editing an alert item, it correctly saves the option you select for "Show on Website" or "Show on App" 

Hours Manager 

  • New! Add Hours Type and Hours Submission Type to Groupshare Registration Tool Wizard 
  • Corrected issue where submitted hours were not showing in Hours Manager 
  • Able to submit hours 
  • Can properly use the Submit and Add Another with Hours 
  • Resolved issue with Force Hours Position not correctly being reflected in the Hours Manager 
  • End users can edit hours 
  • In the Hours Manager, the filters are sticking when editing multiple entries

Mailchimp Dashboard 

  • New! Added clarifying verbiage to the MailChimp Configuration page 

Placement Matching 

  • The "View All Records" on the placement fragment of a Profile should pull up all placements a user has ever had 

Position Management 

  • Resolved issue with the Position Group condition in Global Access Group Manager 
  • In Position Manager the sort arrows for the "allow sign up" column properly sorts 

Profile Configuration 

  • Add missing fragments that exist in Admin Profile and not in the GroupShare Profile 

Query Tool 

  • No SQL error when emailing from a query

Registration Tool 

  • New! Resolved an issue where the Calendar in a Registration View sometimes would be blank until a filter was selected. 
  • Resolved issue with Volunteers not populating into slot assignment dropdown in Resource View 
  • When mass assigning volunteers to a registration, if you uncheck "Send email notifications?" emails do not send 
  • Secondary Coordinator Can Manage Attendees on the JL App 
  • When editing a recurring assignment, the "Every Other Week" checkbox does not appear. 
  • Resolved issue with the Allow Unregistered Members to Check In option in the Registration Tool’s setup 
  • Resolved issue with virtual event timer causing link to not appear 
  • Resolved issue where certain Paid Events don't appear in the mobile app 
  • Resolved issue with events showing in other Leagues in the app 
  • Resolved issue of Paid Events not appearing in the shift history fragment 
  • If the same number of days is entered in both the registration tool setup > 'Days Before Allow Signup' field, and in the 'Days Before Allow Signup' field when creating the individual event, it'll allow people to sign up for the event 
  • Resolved issues accessing virtual meetings via the waiting room 
  • Able to change the number in Select number of Custom Questions to include without the Custom Question 1 Custom Dropdown options clearing out 
  • Resolved issue with Other Location field displaying in one line in confirmation emails 
  • Shift Specific Questions will be asked only if the volunteer attended the shift.


  • Resolved issues with Requirements incorrectly showing in the previous year 
  • Resolved issue of the requirements fragment not changing years based on League Year Start Month 
  • All meeting hours give the correct credit to the correct accounts 
  • Removed dependency on the Requirements Administrator View access level 
  • The Mass Assign Requirements button is available via feature parameter. 
  • Administrators can mass assign requirements from the Requirements Report screen 
  • When a batch is undone, the requirement no longer appears in the Requirement Fragment on the homepage 
  • Requirements are not showing as duplicates on Member Profiles 
  • The Requirements Manager reports have status and status type columns. 


Responsive Profile 

  • Admins can edit member info, submit, and be directed back to the Profile. 

Status Mass Assign 

  • When a new status is added to a Member Profile, or an existing status is updated, it creates an entry in the change log. 


  • This ticket is to have a parameter to disable the Stripe Dues Autorenew messaging from appearing 

Terms and Condition Builder 

  • Resolved issue with Terms and Conditions Checkbox fields being cleared out when editing form submissions

Transfer Management 

  • Added feature to allow Transfer Administrators of multiple Leagues to initiate transfers outside of their primary League 
  • Resolved issue with a missing Include Inactive Members checkbox from the Transfer Manager 
  • Volunteers should properly transfer Leagues when processed in the Transfer Manager