Dear Member Essentials Admins,

We are excited to announce more new features and improvements have been added to Member Essentials!

GroupShare Collaboration

GroupShare went live this past July and we had a few pilot Leagues test it out before being made available to everyone. GroupShare is a collaboration tool for your Committees where Members can share files, post discussions, create events and more! If you are interested in enabling it for your Member Portal, please see this newsletter.

MailChimp Sync

The MailChimp sync was improved this past summer to improve how information is sent to your MailChimp list. If you haven’t re-synced your MailChimp configuration yet, please see Setting Up the Mailchimp Integration. After the sync is set up, please use MailChimp tags to send communications to your membership.

Support for Virtual Events

Another helpful feature that was recently improved was the Registration Tool’s locations. To accommodate virtual events, Virtual Locations were added for Zoom, Teams, ShinDig and Google Meets. When members register for these virtual events, they will be sent a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting. See Adding a Location for more details.

 Additionally, hybrid events are also possible through the Registration Tool! Members can check themselves in virtually and members who attend events in person can also check themselves in. See 
Hybrid Events to configure the setup of your Registration Tool for these types of events.

Much More Coming Soon!

We are in final testing stages for the following new and improved features. Be on the lookout for more announcements coming soon as these improvements get released! 

  • Requirements Bundles - Requirements Bundles will allow you to define and then assign multiple requirements (i.e. Bundles) as a single step. This will save time as the requirements will not have to be assigned individually, per requirement. Admins can create a bundle or list of requirements for a status, e.g. Active Requirements, and then assign the whole bundle to Active members!
  • Simple Store Custom Questions – In the Simple Store, you will be able to define custom questions to gather additional information from the purchaser. The purchaser will be asked the questions in the checkout section before a payment is processed.
  • Simple Store Email Notifications - In the Simple Store, notifications can be configured for a page, so that Admins receive email notifications every time someone purchases an item on that page, or as a daily summary of purchases.
  • New Paid Events Options - Paid Events will be receiving a few improvements, including: 
    • A proper event details page for a member registering for a paid event
    • A new Transactions screen specifically for paid events
    • Ability to define some number of attendees for a paid option. This can be used to sell tables, e.g. one table includes 10 admissions to an event
    • Ability to collect attendee information for each paid option in the registration 
    • Ability to see items purchased by the attendee
    • Enhancements to the event sync to the public site
  • Stripe Items Page in Transactions – In Stripe Admin > Transactions, in addition to seeing all orders purchased through the platform, you will be able to see all the individual Items, including the ability to filter by dues, donations, and registrations.
  • Intake Management – A couple of Leagues have asked about the status of the Intake Management tools. Unfortunately, this project has taken longer than expected, but the team is hard at work completing development, and building help tutorials. We hope to have some firm release dates soon. For those wondering, Intake Management will allow your Admins to manage member prospects from application to provisional status. It will also provide your prospects with a portal experience for tracking their onboarding activities.

We hope these improvements will make it even easier to manage your membership and organize your League activities! As always, please keep the feature suggestions coming by sending an email to

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