If your League has Member Essentials:Plus and Deluxe Site you can automate this HERE

Administrative Access Level Needed: 

  • Query Administrator or Administrator for the Member Portal
  • WordPress Administrator for the Public Site

Member Portal:

  1. Log in to the Member Portal (http://jl.org) to gather your Leadership information and images. 
  2. If the Leader's positions are visible to the members, you can review it via Admin > Member Management > Query Tool.  
  3. Find the Position Roster with Position Group - Current report 
  4. Next, filter on the Placement Group such as "Board of" to find Board of Directors. 
  5. For each Leader, copy and paste their First Name, Last Name and Placement in a separate document as a list.

Public Site

1) Log in to your League's WordPress Site: 

For example: https://anytown.jl.org/spotin

2) Add a Page by clicking on Pages > Add New. Enter a title such as 2021-2022 Leadership. You should be able to find Interior Page Sections (if not, email memberessentials@ajli.org to have this feature enabled)

3)  Select Add Section and choose Thumbnail / Text Section

4) This reveals a new section. 

5) Scroll down to select Add Image. Upload and select the image for each Leader. 

6) Enter the position name next to Item Metadata

7) Enter the email address next to Item Content (optional). If you would like to link the email, you can click on the link icon and enter mailto:President@anytown.ajli.org 

8) Click on Add item to complete the first entry, then Update

7) Select View Page to review your work.

8) Use Add Item to add additional Board members to display a page like this:

9) To arrange the menu, select Appearance > Menus. Find your new page under the Most Recent tab. Select the name of the page and Add to Menu.

10) It will appear on the panel to the right. Drag the item with the Leadership page name up and down or left to right to slide it into the spot where you'd like the Page to appear on your navigation menu.

11) Click Save Menu on the lower right.

11) Click on the Menu or navigation icon to check your work and edit as necessary.