Setting up Member Essentials to sync to Mailchimp with a a free Mailchimp account is easy. Follow this video for an overview. (Duration 5:38)

Member Essentials offers an integration with Mailchimp. This provides a way for your member's email information in Member Essentials to sync with your Mailchimp account. 

To check your status: Admin, Member Management, Mailchimp config.  Also  Access Groups can appear as Tags which will sync nightly to Mailchimp.

Required access:

You will need the Email Administrator administrative access level or Administrator.

Where to go:

To get to the Mailchimp Config follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Mailchimp Config
  • Values needed from Mailchimp are the API Key and List name / Audience
  • Login to select Sign Up Free
  • use an email address that has not been used with Mailchimp.
  • Fill out the basic information.  Mailchimp will validate the account by sending an email.
  • Once you have logged in you can use the default audience or clear it, make note of the name. 
  • Get API Key, by selecting your profile, Account, Extra, API key
  • Create API key, copy the Key
  • Return to Member Portal, Admin, Member Management, Mailchimp Config
  • Paste the List Name and API Key.  
  • Select Save, Ok to close the browser. 
  • return 4 hours later. Admin, Member Management, Mailchimp Config
  • If the Last Sync has a value.  Mailchimp is setup 
  • Login to Mailchimp to confirm your audience is populated 

Contact us email: if you have any questions.