This article will detail how to create local statuses that map out to parent statuses. This feature is only available to Member Essentials Plus leagues.

Required Access:
You will need the Administrator access level.

Where to go:

  1. From the Member Portal homepage, go to Admin > Member Management
  2. Find Status Management
  3. Click on the Add icon on the top right to create a new local status.
  4. Enter your local status under Status Name (ex) Active Gold
  5. For the Parent Status, this maps out to the Status Type or the main statuses that AJLI recognizes.
    • Active
    • Deceased
    • Delete
    • Dropped
    • Emeritus
    • Inter-League
    • League Staff
    • Non-Member Contact
    • Prospect
    • Provisional
    • Resigned
    • Sustainer
    • Sustainer Emeritus
    • Transfer Out
  6. Click on Confirm to save your changes.

  7. To sort, click on the Status Names label.

Managing Status Names

  • To edit a status, click on the edit icon under the Actions column.
  • To delete a status, click on the delete icon under the Actions column.

Assigning Statuses to Members