This article discusses how to create and manage tasks for members of your GroupShare group. Tasks makes it easy for group Leaders and Administrators to track responsibilities and deadlines. You can assign a task to a group member or leader and track it to its completion.

Required Access:

You must be a Leader of the GroupShare group 

Where to go:

  1. From the Member Portal homepage, find My Groups > choose your GroupShare group
  2. Click on the Tasks icon
  3. Inside the Tasks page, click on Add Task
  4. Enter a Task Name
  5. Choose a member to assign the task to next to Assign To
  6. When you create a new task, New is the default option for the Status. After you create task, there will be other options available like Acknowledged, In Progress, Completed, Rejected 
  7. Enter the Due Date for when you want the task to be completed.
  8. Enter any more details of the task next to the Notes field
  9. Next to Attachment, click on Choose File to include any documents, files or images related to the task.
  10. If you want an email notification sent, check Send immediate email notifications for changes to this task. Updates will be sent to the person assigned as well as the Task Creator. 
  11. As an option, you can assign additional email recipients.
  12. Click Save.
  13. If the due date isn't past due, you will see the task you just assigned on the Tasks page. The member you assigned it to will also see it on their list.
  14. If you opted in to sending email notifications, the Task Creator and the person assigned the task will receive the emails right away.