Creating Fields for a Form:

  1. After you set up your form, you will be taken to page where you can build the fields that will appear in your form. 
  2. Click New Field
  3. Enter the Field Label (the title of the new field).
  4. For Report Label, enter the label that will be used for reports instead of the Field Label described above. (ex) Name instead of Full Name
  5. Choose from the Field Types (description of all field types found in this article). The most commonly used one is Short Text.
  6. Toggle whether this is an Is Admin Only field (meaning only admins can see this field).
  7. Sort Order is where you enter the number in the order you'd like it to appear in the form. The GroupShare Form Builder automatically sets the sort order. You can change the sort order after you create and save the field.
  8. Select whether or not this field Is Required.
  9. Provide Instructions on what information is required or what the purpose of the field is.
  10. Click Save in order to add that field to the form.
  11. Once you have created all fields, you can go back and edit the Sort Order of each field (The order in which they appear on the form) by selecting the field you would like to move and dragging it up or down.

Note: You can use the preview option to preview how the different field types function, as well as seeing how the form will look to the end user.