This article will go over how to reply to a discussion thread via email that will post in your GroupShare for others to reply to.

Replying directly to the email within your email inbox will not post a reply to the group in the GroupShare. To reply to the discussion, you must click the green Respond to Conversation button

Replying to GroupShare Discussions Through Email

  1. When a new discussion thread is posted or replied to, you will receive an email notification.
    • To learn how to mute or turn off discussion notifications, click here
  2. From the email, you can read what was posted
  3. To reply, click the green Respond to Conversation button

  4. This will pass you directly through to the site to the thread where you can post a reply within the GroupShare.


Take note, GroupShare Discussions are not a real time chat feature and responses will only appear instantly in GroupShare, but not through email notifications. If you would like to notify your members of your responses outside of GroupShare directly, you would have to email them directly because the email notifications are slightly delayed.