This article will show how to access GroupShare from the Member Portal.

Required Access:

You will need to be listed as part of the group to access this feature. If you are in a committee or placement and can't access GroupShare, please contact your League.

Where to go:

  1. From the Member Portal homepage, find My Groups > All My Groups and you will see the landing page for GroupShare, listing all the groups you are part of.
  2. This page will list all of the groups you are a part of. For example, if you are placed in two committees as the Membership VP and are also a part of the New Member Committee (as a Chair or as a Member), you will find your groups here. In addition, if you are part of an Access Group that is configured for GroupShare, you will find the group here as well. 
  3. Click on the GroupShare group you would like to access i.e. Membership Committee. If you are in multiple groups, use the Search by Group Name filter to look for the group. 
  4. Here, you will see the GroupShare navigation menu on the top left. 
  5. Use this icon to switch between areas of interest or tools within GroupShare like Home, Calendar, News, Discussions, Tasks, Forms, Files, Photos, Leaders and Members.
  6. In addition, under Member Actions, you can access the Directory, Discussions, Download XLS Roster, Download PDF Roster, Historical Forms, Historical Events and Historical Files (temporarily hidden).
  7. Depending on how your leader configures your GroupShare group, not all areas of interest will be available.
  8. To exit this screen, click on the X icon on the top right 
  9. When you go back to the main GroupShare group page, you will see the following areas of interest or tools at the top:
    • Directory - Lists all members part of your GroupShare group.

    • Discussions - Discussions encourage member engagement by providing a place where group members can respond to one another’s ideas, where group Leaders can welcome Members to the group and where all group Members and Leaders can communicate with one another in an open forum.

    • Calendar - Creating a group event not only lists the event at your group’s Calendar section, but also enables additional functionality, such as making the event required for all members, requesting RSVP for an event, tracking attendance at the event, printing an event sign-in sheet, and emailing those who attended.

    • Files - Documents and other files that you post to GroupShare are easily accessed by the group’s Members. They can reach posted files—such as training documents, handbooks, or other shared documents—anytime that they are logged into Member Essentials.

    • Photos - Posting group photos can help keep your Members engaged. You can post photos of Members in action to celebrate their accomplishments and motivate them to stay involved. In addition, you can ensure that the posted photos are relevant by managing their captions and deleting them when needed. 

    • Forms - Online forms provide a ready way for you to gather information or feedback from your group’s Members. You might want to gather feedback regarding the group and its work, gauge interest in upcoming events, ask about preferred meeting times, or request nominations for Member of the Month. 

    • Notebook - A tool for Leaders, the notebook provides a place where the group’s Leaders can communicate with one another outside of the view of the group’s Members.

    • Tasks - Create and manage tasks makes it easy for group Leaders and Administrators to track responsibilities and deadlines. You can assign a task to a group Member or Leader and track it to its completion.

    • News - Posting group news items can help keep Members engaged by showing them how they are supporting their local communities. You can include items such as press releases that involve your activity, stories and recaps of past events, projects, and response efforts; meeting minutes; and past emails or newsletter items.
  10. You can also find a list of members that are part of your GroupShare group. Click on the email icon to send them an email directly. Clicking on View All Members will take you to the Directory.
  11. Under News, you will find news and announcements created by your Leaders here. Clicking on View All News Items will take you to the News page, where you will find a list of current and past news. 
  12. Under the Calendar, you will see a list of upcoming events created by your Leaders. Clicking on View All Events will take you to GroupShare Calendar page,