This article discusses how to configure tools within GroupShare as a Leader.

Required Access:

You must be a Leader of a GroupShare group to see the configuration options.

Where to go:

  1. From the Member Portal homepage, find My Groups > name of group (ex) Board of Directors
  2. Find the Admin icon
  3. Click on Configuration
    Here, you will find 20 different types of custom configurations you can set up for your group:
    • *Require Volunteer Hours For Group Members? (required) -  will allow Members to enter Hours in GroupShare.
    • *Allow Group Members To Upload Photos? (required) - allows Members to upload Photos
    • *Allow Members To Access Group Roster? (required)will allow Members to Download XLS Roster and the Download PDF Roster under Member Actions when a member clicks on the top left navigation menu
    • *Allow Group Members To Create To Dos? (required) - allows Members to create "To Dos" in Tasks
    • *Allow Group Members To Email The Group? (required) - allows Members to use the Email Tool in the Directory to email other members or directly email them using the email icon in the Members panel of the GroupShare homepage
    • *Allow Group Members To See Addresses? (required) - allows Members to see the addresses of other members in the Directory
    • *Allow Leaders To Configure GroupShare Page? (required) - allows all Leaders to have access to the Configuration options in GroupShare
    • Enable Group Description? - will enable the ability to add the description to the All My Groups page
    • Enable Welcome Box? - please disregard, not being used
    • Enable Group Leaders Box? - will enable the Leaders icon that links to the Directory
    • Enable Group Members Box? - will enable the Members icon that links to the Directory 
    • Enable Leadership Notebook? - will enable the Notebook tool, where Leaders can take notes
    • Enable Group Events? - will enable the Calendar, where you can set up a registration tool through the GroupShare Registration Tool Wizard
    • Enable Group News? - will enable the News panel next to the Members Directory, where members of the group can post relevant news items like reminders and announcements
    • Enable Group Forms? - will enable Forms, which are created with Form Builder used to collect and select information for the group
    • Enable Group To Dos? - will enable Tasks, which allows Leaders to assign tasks to Members
    • Enable Group Discussions? - will enable Discussions, where members of a group can post and reply to topics posted in a threaded conversation
    • Enable Group Photo Album? - will display Photos, where members can mass upload group photos and enter captions for each file
    • Enable Group File Share? - will display Files, where members can upload, download and share files with each other
    • Enable Group Custom Pages?- more details coming soon
  4. To upload a banner image that will appear on your GroupShare page, click Choose File. The recommended width is 1110px.
  5. Click Save to complete the changes.
  6. The group logo will appear on the GroupShare homepage as a banner.
  7. To add a description, enter the text in the editor and it will show up on the All My Groups page for your group.