This article discusses how to assign group leaders to a GroupShare group. There are two ways to manage Group Leaders, through the Position Manager or Access Groups. This article will show how to assign group leaders through the Access Group Manager. Only groups created through the Access Group Manager will have the option for the configuration.

Required Access:

You will need Access Group Administrator or Administrator access.

Where to go:

  1. Go to Admin > Member Management > Access Group Manager
  2. Make sure the group you are configuring is already set up to be a GroupShare group. To make an access group a GroupShare group, click on Configure and set Is this a GroupShare Group? to Yes
  3. If you are setting up GroupShare for the first time, it may take up to an hour for the whole group to refresh when you click View under Actions. 
  4. After your group has been configured, click on Leaders
  5. Choose your leader by marking the checkbox under Is a leader?
  6. Show in Leader List? will automatically be checked as well. Unchecking this option allows you to remove the leader from the list view on the GroupShare homepage.

To read about how to add leaders through the Position Group: Managing Group Leaders through Position Manager