This article will go over how to find discussion for your GroupShare.

Accessing GroupShare Discussions

To get to the GroupShare Discussions as a Member or Leader, follow these steps:

  1. From your Member Portal homepage, hover over the My Groups link
  2. Click the name of the group you'd like to access the discussions for
  3. Click the Discussions icon
  4. From here, on the left, you'll see each discussion, message or topic already posted in a thread.
  5. To add a new discussion, click on the notepad icon with the pencil on the top right next to the search bar. 
  6. Click on the discussion topic to read through responses and replies sent.
  7. Take note, the Reply link next to a response is still in beta mode and does not work as expected. 
  8. To reply to a response, enter your message in the text box, upload a file (optional) and click the Reply button.
  9. The oldest responses will appear on the bottom and the newest responses will appear on top.