This article discusses GroupShare, an exciting feature that allows members to interact with each other by participating in online group discussions, sharing files, and more!

Required Access:

You will need the Group Administrator or full Administrator access level.

Where to go:

From the Member Portal homepage, hover on the My Groups link on the top navigation and click on All My Groups

Steps to be taken:

Searching for a Group

Those with Administrator or Group Administrator access can see all of the League's groups at a Group Directory menu available in My Groups > All My Groups

Group Leaders can see only the groups of which they are a member of from the All My Groups link, which is also available under My Groups.  

Either way, you can use the same method to search for a group, which is to search by keyword on the Search by Group Name search bar. If you can see a large number of groups, searching for a group allows you to locate the group you need quickly.


  1. Find My Groups from the Member Portal homepage
  2. Select the All My Groups link
  3. Search for the group in the Search by Group Name search bar
  4. Alternatively, you can click on the GroupShare navigation menu options to the left of My Group. There is a Search Groups section, where you can enter the Keyword and Group Type to search for a group.