This article will show you how to configure and run the Genetic Algorithm, which will be done in the Position Manager. The Genetic Algorithm will examine members' Placement Matching choices and, using an artificial intelligence algorithm, suggest placement positions based on criteria you specify.  

Criteria that can be selected includes: 

  • Most people receiving their top choice
  • Most people receiving any of their choices
  • Meeting minimum placement volunteers

Accessing the Position Manager

  • You will need the Position Administrator administrative access level.

To get to the Position Manager, follow these steps:

  1. From the Member Portal, go to Admin > Member Management
  2. Find Position Manager where you can do your Position Assignments.

Configure the Genetic Algorithm                 

  1. Select the tab Placement Matching Assignment. You will see a list of all of your Members who have completed all six steps of Placement Matching, with their chosen positions and their currently assigned positions. 
  2. Click the cogwheel icon Configure Genetic Algorithm
    • Take note, the icons on the top right may change order when the screen refreshes 
  3. In the Notify Email field, enter the email of the user that is running the Algorithm. Once the Algorithm has completed, this user will receive a notification via email. 
    • Each time a new user runs the Algorithm, they should enter their email address.
  4. Rank each criteria in order of importance for your League, with 1 being Most Important and 3 being Least ImportantWe recommend that your League prioritizes "Most people receiving their top choice." 
  5. The field, Exclude People in this Group, removes groups from being considered when you run the Algorithm.  
    • e.g. If slated or pre-placed Members went through the Placement Matching Tool, but will not be receiving a placement at this time, this group could be excluded from the Algorithm.
  6. The field, Only Include People in this Group, includes only selected groups to be considered when you run the Algorithm. 
    • e.g. If you were placing your New Members (or Provisionals) before your general Members, you would select that group only to be included in the Algorithm.  
  7. Click Save.  

Run the Genetic Algorithm 

  1. After you have completed the steps above and the Algorithm has been configured, click the Run icon, which looks like a play button.  
    • At this step, take note, the icons on the top right may change order again when the screen refreshes
  2. If you have Excluded or Included specific groups, click the dropdown to confirm that the correct Members are listed in the group. 

  3. Click Run Genetic Algorithm

  4. Click Go Back to return to the Placement Matching Assignment screen in Position Manager. 
  5. The results of the Algorithm will be sent to the email that is configured. 
  6. Results for each Member will be listed in Suggested Position column.

To Accept Suggested Positions

1. Filter by Position Choices to see which members have completed Placement Matching. They will have positions listed under this column. To filter, type the keyword on the field and click enter to see who has a placement. For example, if you type in "member" and click enter, you will see all the positions with the word "member". 

  • For advanced filter options, click on the 3 dots next to the field. You can choose from: Contains, Does not contain, Empty (Null), Not Empty (Not Null), Starts with, Ends with, Exactly Equals, Does Not Exactly Equal
  • In this example, we chose Contains, typed "member" as our keyword and used Apply Filter to find our position choices.

2. Click Accept All Recommendations, which looks like two directional arrows.

3. Assign positions to individual Members by clicking the + icon under the Assigned Positions column.

This option can override Suggested Positions by the Algorithm.