This article will show how to set up email notifications for coordinators for events, shifts and meetings.

Required access:

You will need Registration Administrator or Administrator access level.

Where to go:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Registration Tool Manager

Steps to be taken:

  1. Check Setup in the Registration Tool

  2. Under Advanced - Coordinator, Primary Coordinators are granted permission by setting Manage Attendees or Secondary Coordinator Access to Both (Manage Attendees and Emails)
  3. Go to Advanced - Notification of Registration and set a value for Send Notification of Registration Email Days Before. Note the default 3. When members register for this Registration Tool's events, emails for registrations will be sent out within 3 days of the event. Only registrations within the 3 days will generate emails. Registrations prior to the 3 day window will be noted under attendance. Also, additional registration emails or select Access Groups can be set for events in this Registration Tool

    NOTE. Coordinators can manage attendance under Calendar, Coordinator - Manage Attendees.

4. To set the Coordinators in an event from the Registration Tool Manager, click Manage.

5. Select Edit on the event.


6. Select the Primary Coordinator and Secondary Coordinator. Primary Coordinator Phone and Primary Coordinator Email will display on the event for members. Setting the dropdown to Both will send emails to both the Primary Coordinator's account email and the display email listed under Primary Coordinator Email.

Sample of Coordinator values set in the Event: 

The values on the registration event page display on the event. Since Both is set under Send primary coordinator registration, cancel, and waitlist notification emails at the following email, the emails will be sent to the coordinator's account email and the specified email,

Sample Email of Attendee Registration for Coordinators: