This article reviews the process of adding a PDF to a Member Content page whether adding a link to the file or embedding the file.

Required access:

You will need My League Content or Administrator access level.

NOTE: The PDF must be uploaded to the Moxie Media Manager prior to Step 2.

Where to go:

  • Member Homepage > My League link
  • Any Member Content page

Steps to be taken:

Copy the URL to the PDF:

  1. Click Edit on any Member Content page.
  2. Click Insert/Edit File while editing a content page.Member_Content_Insert_File.png
  3. Find the file in Moxie Media Manager
  4. Right click on it and select Info. Member_Content_PDF_URL_copy.png

  5. Copy the URL

To add the link:

  1. Click Insert/edit linkInsert_Link.png

  2. Paste the URL into the URL field. In the Text to display field, enter the text that you want to be shown instead of the URL. If this field is empty, then the URL will display on the content page.Insert_Link_Modal.png

  3. Click Submit and save.
  4. The member content page now shows a text link to the PDF.PDF_link_test.png

To embed/insert the PDF:

  1. Click Insert/Edit VideoMember_Content_Insert_Video.png

  2. Click the Embed tab and insert this embed code: <embed src="pdfFiles/interfaces.pdf" width="600" height="500" alt="pdf" pluginspage="">Member_Content_Embed_Code_entered_PDF.png

  3. Replace pdfFiles/interfaces.pdf with the full URL to your PDF.
  4. Click the General tab to make any changes to the dimensions.
  5. When you’ve made all your changes, click Ok, then either select Cancel or click the X in the upper-right corner of the Insert/Edit Video box
  6. Click Submit and save.
  7. The content page will display the embedded PDF.Embedded_PDF.png

TIP: For a more dynamic document, use a PDF editor to add active links to your PDF before embedding it.