If you are a Coordinator for an event, you also must have Registration Administrator access to be able to check attendance.

How to Access the Administrative Functions

  1. Open the Junior League App
  2. Click on Self Check In icon from the homepage or the left menu bar. Find the people icon on the top right corner to access the administrative functions. The icon will only display if the current user has administrative access:


  3. You will see a list of shifts, both upcoming and several days back. To the right of each event you will see the number of registered attendees vs the maximum available. The box will be red, yellow or green based on the number of volunteers vs the capacity.

  4. Swipe right on the event to see the Attendance and Scan buttons. If you use Attendance, you will see the next image below where you can manually check members in and out and add attendees. (To Scan an attendee, have them open up their Membership Card from the homepage of the app and scan the QR code)

  5. Click the "+ Attendee" button to add a new attendee. You will only be able to select from authorized attendees as defined by the access group associated with the registration or registration tool. For example, if the registration is limited to "Communications Committee" then you can only add someone from the "Communications Committee". Likewise, if the registration tool is limited to "Membership Committee" you can only pick from someone in the "Membership Committee". If you check the box that read "Check in Attendees?" then it will also check them in when the attendee is added.


  6. Click the name of an attendee to edit their check in/check out information. On this screen you can change the status (e.g. attended, no show, cancel, etc.), the check in and check out time. In addition you can change the "credit" from Automatic to Manual if you want to specify a specific amount of time to credit the member for attending the shift which will then override the time calculated from the start/end time of their checkout.


  7. To manually check in/out people click the check in/out button next to their name. Once they are fully checked in, the status will change to Attended. You will not be able to change it from this screen, instead you can click on their name to change the status.