This article will walk you through how to collect fees in the Simple Store.

Required access:

You will need the Store Manager access level.

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Go to Simple Store

Steps to be taken:

  1. Click the plus icon on the top right under Listings to add a Fees page. To edit an existing page, click on the Edit icon under the Actions tab
  2. Choose Standard Page under Page Type to list items.
  3. Enter your Page Name
  4. Enter an optional description under Introductory Text
  5. Upload a banner image for your page. Any JPG or PNG can be used with the dimensions of 1110px by 320px.
  6. Click Save and Add Item(s), which takes you to the item page

Add Items to Listings

  1. Enter an Item Name for each type of fee.
  2. Provide an Item Description of the fee.
  3. For Price Type, choose Fixed or Open. Fixed allows you to enter an Item Price. Open allows people to enter any total amount like a donation.
  4. Is Item Available specifies if the fee is available.
  5. Eligible to ship allows you to specify if the item can be shipped.
  6. Sort Order organizes the order in which your item will appear on the page (required) 
  7. Enter an Accounting Reference, which is a code that will be a available in reports regarding the system that links your accounting system to Member Essentials.
  8. For Photo Type, upload a Thumbnail and/or a Full Image. Thumbnail will display on the page. For thumbnail images, squares are recommended with the dimensions of 460x460. The files could be either JPG or PNG. Full Image will appear when the item is clicked.
  9. Click Save or Save and Another to add another type of fee.


To see a list of all your fees, click on the number under the Items column next to your store or from the Add/Edit Items page, go to Return to Item(s) Listings or the Go Back button.

Publish Simple Store

To view or publish your sponsorship page, click on the share icon next to the store page and copy the link. 

To preview your page, paste the link to your browser to access the fees page.

To include it on the Member Portal, add a quick link and paste your link or create a new member content page. Choose Internal/External URL as the Page Type and paste your link.


To see a list of transactions and sales through the Simple Store, click on the Transactions tab. Filter by the name of the fees Page to view transactions for a specific store.

To watch the video tutorial: Video - Sell Items in Simple Store