This article will walk you through how to create a registration tool or calendar before creating individual events.

Required access:
You will need the Registration Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • From the Member Portal, Admin > Member Management
  • Select Registration Tool Manager
  • Click Add Registration Tool

Steps to be taken:

1) First you will enter the General Settings information

  • Registration Name: The name of the calendar (e.g., General Meeting Events)

  • Choose Layout Type: This will define the way the events/shifts are displayed. Here are the various options:
    • Standard (Calendar/List) layout is the most common selection.
    • View Only View Only Registrations allow you to create Information only Calendars.
    • None None layout will hide the end user tool if you don't want the calendar to be accessed directly. If this is used, events/shifts created here would have to be accessed via the View All calendar, via a direct link provided by an Administrator, or administratively.
  • Does this Registration Tool Require Special Access?: You can restrict the calendar to allow only a certain group of people to sign up for the events/shifts (Optional)
    • If you set this to Yes, you will see a section appear below Advanced Settings called Access Settings
      • Who is allowed to Sign up for associated shifts? - choose an Access Group to limit who can sign up for shifts, events or meetings 
      • Who is allowed to Manage this Tool and Associated Shifts? - choose an Access Group to limit who can manage this registration tool (ex) only the Board of Directors can manage the Meetings calendar
      • Who is allowed to View this Tool and Associated Shifts? - choose an Access Group to limit who can view the Registration Tool and all associated events created in this tool
  • Enable Confirmations and Reminders?You can enable automated confirmation and reminder emails to send to registrants

    2) Next, you'll need to enter the Advanced Settings information
  • Default Layout: From here, you can pick between two different ways you'd like the calendar to display
    • Calendar - Calendar view is the most common view. A user will click on an event view's details and register.
    • List View - is best used when you have a large number of events over a small number of days.
  • Express Registration: Express Registration is useful in situations where the event details are not as important as quickly signing up for an event. For instance, when the user is familiar with the event details.
  • Enable Wait List by Default?: This will automatically have the waitlist on for created events

  • After this, you'll set up the Hours Settings

    Hours Type:
     This will be where you can choose the Type that hours earned through this tool credit go towards:
    • Administrative
    • Community Impact
    • Fundraising
    • Learning and Development
    • Volunteering

  • Hours Submission TypeThis determines how the hours are applied to the attendees after the shift/event

  • Now, you'll set the Reminder and Confirmation Email Settings

  • From Name: This determines what the from name for automated emails will be. Be sure this does not have any special characters such as commas, apostrophes and periods.
  • From Email AddressThis determines what the from email for automated emails will be.