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Modified on: Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 1:09 PM

This article will walk through how to pay Member Dues online. 

Where to Go:

To get to the dues payment landing page, click on the link provided to you by your League Administrators. The link may be in posted on the front page of your Junior League member portal, or in an email.  

Paying Your Dues

  1. Click on the link provided by your League.  This will bring you to the dues payment landing page.  
  2. Depending on the dues payment options offered by your League, you may see up to 3 options for payment types. Select a payment type.   
    • Pay Now - A one-time, payment in full of your dues.  
    • Payment Plan - With this option, you can elect to pay your dues in installments, over a time frame. Your credit card will automatically be charged for each payment. If you select a payment plan, you will be charged for the initial payment. Each subsequent payment is determined by the date of your initial payment. For example, if you made your initial payment on 5/11/2021, and your administrator has configured the payment plan for monthly payments, your next payment would be automatically charged to your card on 6/11/2020.
    • Recurring - Selecting this option will renew your membership annually by automatically charging your credit card one year from your initial payment.  

      For the payment option you selected, one or more dues options will be displayed.  These are usually specific to your member status (New Member, Active, Sustainer). Click the option you'd like to purchase and click Next.
      If you are changing your Status in the upcoming League Year and you don't see the correct status, contact your League to update your Member Status, prior to making your Dues payment.

  3. On the checkout screen, review your order total for your payment (if you've selected a payment plan, you'll see only the first payment amount listed there).   

  4.  Click Pay Now 
  5.  Enter your email and credit card information.

  6.  Click the Pay button

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