Note: This only applies to Leagues using Member Essentials Plus

What is Stripe Dues?

Stripe Dues allows your members to select additional options when paying their dues through the system. 

They can select One Time Payment, Autorenew, or Payment Plan

What is a One Time Payment?
One Time Payment is exactly what it sounds like - your members can select this option if they'd like to pay all of their required dues for the year up front, with no recurrence. 

What is Auto-renewal?
If they wish, your members can select Auto-renew to have their dues automatically paid in full at certain intervals as defined by your administrators. E.g. If your organization pays dues quarterly, they can pay their dues in full quarterly, or if you pay yearly, they can pay in full yearly. 

What is a Payment Plan?
Selecting the Payment Plan option will allow your members to break their payments up into smaller, more manageable payments as defined by your administrators. Members will need to re-select the Payment Plan option each year if they'd like to opt in again.