Member requirements can be tracked as a list of activities.  Members can view the list of activities assigned to them, on the member portal, in the Requirements section. 

Any activity can be assigned as a requirement.  Requirements are displayed as a check-list on the front page of the member portal.  When a requirement is fulfilled, it is checked off.  Requirement lists can be assigned by member status (e.g. Active, or New Member), and other criteria.   

Automated Requirements

Some requirements can be automated, e.g. 

  • Attending a specific meeting, event, or shift (e.g. Touch-A-Truck Shift)
  • Attending some number of a specific meeting/event/shift (e.g. attending 7 of 9 GMMs)
  • Completing an online form (built in the Member Essentials form builder)
  • Paying dues (only if Member Essentials dues collection is used)  
  • Volunteer some number of hours in the community
  • Work some number of hours on fundraising


With an automated requirement, when the member completes the task, the requirement is automatically fulfilled, and checked-off her list.  To see an automated requirement updated on a member's profile, click on Refresh Account Requirements. The amount will be updated under Completed.

Manual Requirements 

If the requirement isn’t an activity that can be automated, then it's considered a "manual requirement".  For manual requirements, when the task is completed by the member, the Admin marks the requirement as fulfilled in the member’s profile.

Note, at this time, financial obligations other than paying dues, e.g. raise some number of dollars or selling tickets, cannot be automated requirements. These are considered manual requirements which will need to be marked fulfilled by an Admin.

Your League can use Requirements Tracking in Member Essentials, even if your League does not operate with a requirements system for membership. Requirements Tracking can be used for purposes, such as: new member onboarding, or placement training.


Progress Tracking for Requirements
There are reports to view member's assigned requirements and their fulfillment progress.  

Hours Tracking (Optional)

Members can have access to an Hours tracker, allowing the member to track volunteer activities and the number of hours worked on the activity.   


Requirements can be defined based on some number of hours worked on a specific activity type.  For example, an requirement can be to volunteer 10 hours on a community project, or 5 hours on fundraising.   When the member logs an activity through the hours tracker, the hours go towards fulfilling that requirement.  The types of activity types that can be associated with a requirement are: 

  • Administrative
  • Community 
  • Fundraising
  • Learning & Development
  • Volunteering (used for any type of activity)

Hours can also be associated with a shift, so when a member registers and attends a shift, she gets credit for a defined number of hours towards a requirement. Hours submission in Member Essentials can be configured as auto-approved, i.e. Admins will not be expected to review and approve activities, can be configured to require approval by an Admin.