This article discusses how to create an email template

Required Access:

You will need the Email Administrator administrative access level. 

Where to go:

  • Navigate to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Email

Steps to access where you create an email:

  1. From here, select which group of users or individual recipients you'd like to send an email to
  2. Click Continue

Creating an Email Template

  1. Once in the area where you create the email, you'll see a dropdown that says Template. From here you can select any pre-saved email templates that have been created by you or other admins. You have the ability to create personal templates, as well as templates that other admins can use called public templates.
  2. After creating your email, if you would like to save this as a template, click into the Template dropdown and click Save As

From here, you'll select if you are saving this template as a personal or public template for other admins in your area to use


To watch the video tutorial: Video - Email Tool