This article explains how the new Member Directory and Profile can be customized for Administrators

Administrative Access Level Needed:  

Security Administrator

To access the Member Directory:

  1. From the Member Portal, click on the Directory navigation.
  2. This will take you to the Member Directory page where members can search for other members.
  3. This page is fully customizable, allowing Administrators to configure which personal information fields, filter and search options and privacy options for members are displayed. 
  4. The filters can be found on the left-side navigation or on the top of the list of members in the Directory.
  5. Use the filters available to narrow down your list. By default, the filters visible on this page are Name, Status Type, Status Name, Position and Phone Number

  6. Members have the option to hide the Directory Privacy Options based on the settings configured by Administrators.

To access the Admin Directory:

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon on the top right next to your league name or Admin > Member Search on the top navigation to access the Admin Directory. 
    • For mobile or responsive devices, Admins also have the option to use the magnifying glass icon (shortcut) or the menu icon for Admin and Member Search

  2. Search for members by using the filters and click their name in the search results to access their admin profile
  3. To search for past members, make sure the the Include Inactive Members dropdown is set to Yes.

In Member Essentials, there are actually two directories; one directory is used by Admins to search the member database for both current members and past members, the other directory is used by members to search for other members. Each directory has its own set of filters and search tools at the top (or on the side), and the Member’s Directory is fully customizable, allowing Admins to configure which personal information fields for members are displayed.  
For Members, the Directory menu will show the customizable Member Directory, where members can search for other members in your league. Members will also have the ability to choose Privacy Options in their Profile, to prevent specific personal information fields from showing in the Directory.   
Customizing the Member Directory  
Admins can customize which personal information fields for members are visible on the Member Directory, and the privacy options available for each member in her profile.  These can be set up using the new Directory Configuration tool.  

  • Directory Field Options Allows League Admins to choose which fields of personal member data is visible between members. These include:  
    • Phone numbers 
    • Month/Day of birth 
    • Job title 
    • Placement 
    • Postal address 
    • Education 
    • Employer 
    • Email address 

  • Directory Filter/Search Options Choose which filter and search options are visible on the Member Directory.

  • Directory Privacy Options Allow your members to prevent specific fields from showing in the Member Directory.  
    • The Directory Privacy Options you enable for members should correspond to the Directory Field Options above. For example, if you turn on Email Addresses in Directory Field Options, you should turn on the corresponding option in Directory Privacy Options to allow members to individually hide their own email. If you turn off Phone Numbers in Directory Field Options, you can turn off the Directory Privacy Option for hiding phone numbers, as a member cannot show an information field that the Admin has turned off in the directory.  

Communicating Directory Changes to Your Members  
 - if you turn on a personal information field that was not previously visible, e.g. email address, we recommend you notify your members of the change, and instruct them to go to their PROFILE, and review the Directory Privacy Options. Please see the sample messaging below:  
We have implemented a change in the online Member Directory allowing members to view other members’ email addresses. We feel this will better facilitate member to member communication. However, if you do not wish to show your email address in the directory, please log into the portal, edit your Profile, and review the settings under Directory Options. Note, directory options are shown only for information that is visible in the directory. 

To watch the video tutorial: Video - Directory Configuration Tool