This video will show how Members can submit an image on the Member Portal's Photo Feed. (Duration: 3.00)

This article discusses how to submit photos on the Photo Feed of the Member Portal. 

Submit Photos or Posts:

  1. From the Member Portal homepage, scroll down to the bottom and find the Photo Feed.
  2. Under See what other members are doing, click on submit an image.
  3. You will see various options of how to upload. The most commonly used one is My Computer, where you can choose your files or drag a photo from your desktop to the box.
  4. After you choose a file, click Upload.
  5. Crop your image if needed and click Save.
  6. Before your photo or post is added to the Photo Feed, you have the option to provide a File Name to identify your photo or add a caption with File Description.
  7. If the photo or post you are uploading is not auto-sizing, you can refresh your browser to see your photo.
  8. After you refresh your homepage, your Photo Feed will automatically resize.

For Leagues who use Member Essentials Plus, photos uploaded on the Photo Feed will also appear in the Junior League app on the Activity Feed.