Quick Links can be set by Administrators to provide shortcuts on the Member Portal (Duration: 2:55)


This article discusses how to create Quick Links or shortcuts to other content or webpages on the Member Portal.

Required access:

You will need the Administrator access level to create quick links.

Steps to be Taken:

  1. On the right navigation sidebar of the Member Portal homepage, find the Quick Links section.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Add a Title or name for your quick link
  4. Choose an appropriate Icon for your link like Groups, Dollar, Calendar, Marker, Event or User.
  5. Choose the Sort Order of where you'd like your link to appear on the list.
  6. Enter a Path to link to a website, Member Content page, event details or Simple Store page.

7. Click Save to publish your quick link on the homepage.


To delete a quick link, click on the X or delete icon.

To edit an existing quick link, click on the notepad or edit icon. When you edit a quick link, you will have the option to open in a new tab. When a member clicks on the link, this option will open a new tab for the web page from the Member Portal. This is useful for external websites or if you would like to keep your members on the Member Portal homepage without having to click on the back button.