This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Access Manager to assign access permissions to League administrators (Duration: 0:59)

This article will show you how to add and remove administrative access from users

Accessing the Access Manager

You will need the Security Administrator administrative access level to assign permissions.

To get to the Access Manager, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin Member Management 
  • Select Access Manager

How to Add Administrative Access

  1. Once in the Access Manager, click Add
  2. From the Account field, click and choose a member
  3. Choose which Access Level you are assigning to them. 
    • For a list of admin access levels, go to this article: Admin Access Levels for Member Essentials
      1. Administrator permission - access to edit records and to manage the Member Portal
      2. Security Administrator permission - assign permissions to members (ideal for President or PE)
  4. If needed, you can set an Expiration Date for when the access will expire for the member. 
    • Take note, the expiration date will expire at 12:00 am the day it's set to expire on. If your league year ends at 5/31/2021 and you would like have these access levels until the end of the day, you should set the expiration date to 6/1/21. It will expire as soon as the day of June 1 starts, at 6/1/21 12:00:00 am
  5. Submit
  6. The refresh rate to updates in the Access Manager is immediate (or may take a few minutes) 



How to Remove Administrative Access

  1. Once in the Access Manager, click Delete next to the member's name and their access level. The refresh rate for removing admin access to a position is overnight.