This article discusses how to add a new page to the My League dropdown.

Required access:

You will need My League Content or Administrator access level.

Where to go:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Member Content

Steps to be taken:

  1. Under the Manage Navigation page, click any content page

  2. On this page, you can drag and drop navigation entries into the order you would like
  3. You'll see four options on each navigation entry

  1. View: You can view the page on the site
  2. Hide: This will hide the page on the site, but it will still stay in the navigation for later use
  3. Edit: This allows you to edit an existing page
  4. Delete: This is to delete a page and navigation entry fully

  5. Any that are grayed out are hidden. You can click Unhide on these navigation entries to make them visible to the members again.
  6. After you have made your navigation changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
  7. Next, click Rebuild Search to see your new navigation order.

To watch the video tutorial: Video - Edit A Member Content Page