This article discusses how to create a news and reminder item on the member homepage.

Required access:

You will need My League Content or Administrator access level.

Where to go:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select News and Alerts

Create a News and Reminder Item:

1. From the Member Management page, administrators will see a link to edit the links in the News and Alerts section.


2. Click the "Add Reminder" to add news and reminders.


3. Fill in the information about the news and reminder, then click Save.

1. Personalization type- This area determines to whom the link will be displayed. If the group is based off of an existing access group, use group. Select All to show to all members.

2. Title - Title of your news and reminder
3. Start Date/Time - This area determines when a link will be initially shown.
4. End Date/Time - This area determines when a link will no longer be visible.

5. Reminder Message - Message of your news and reminder

Sorting A News and Reminder Item:
To arrange the order of your news item, click on the arrows under Order to sort your items. Your news item will appear on the Member Portal homepage.

To pin a news item to the top of your news feed and in the mobile app, click on the pin icon to the left of the news and reminder item. You can pin as many news items as needed and then resort the order.

To watch the video tutorial: Video - News and Alerts