This article will show you how to view and manage entries on the Form Submissions page. 

Accessing Form Submissions

You will need the Form Administrator View administrative access level.

To get to Form Submissions, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management.
  • Select Form Builder 2.0.
  • Next, either click the number of submissions or Entries, in the Actions column.

Managing Form Submissions

Once on the Form Submissions page, the default layout from left to right is:  

  1. View - Displays the form submission in its entirety.
  2. Hierarchy - Defaults to your league's name. 
  3. Print - Allows you to print individual form submissions.
  4. Account - Defaults to blank if the form is public. Displays the account name if the form is non-public
  5. Submitted by - The name of the volunteer who submitted the form. This will be blank for anonymous forms and public forms.
  6. Status - Allows you to set the status of the form. This is purely internal.
    • New - This is the default status indicating that the submission is new and has not been reviewed.
    • In Progress - Indicates that the form has not been fully completed, meaning the submitter is intending to finish it.

    • Rejected - Allows you to indicate to other Admins that this entry has been rejected.

    • Completed - Indicates that the form has been completed.

    • Not Complete - Indicates that the form has not been completed.

  7. Notes - Allows you to leave notes regarding the submission for other Administrators.
  8. Edit - Allows you to edit the form submission if enabled in the form's Setup.
  9. Delete - Lets you delete the form submission.

At the bottom of the page, there are four buttons. From left to right, they are:

  1. Go Back - Takes you back to the main page for Form Builder 2.0.
  2. Remove all entries - Removes all entries for this particular form.
  3. Manage Columns - Allows you to choose which information to display on the Form Submissions page.
  • There are two sections on the Manage Columns page. System fields and Form Fields.

  • System Fields - These are the default fields I described above. You can remove them from the Form Submissions page by unchecking the box next to each field.

  • Form Fields - These checkboxes are unchecked by default. You can use them to display fields and the answers submitted for this form. Enabling them will display them on the main Form Submissions page as well as include them in the Export to Excel option described below.

4. Export to Excel- Exports all of the submissions of the form as an Excel file. What is displayed in the export is dependent on what you have selected in Manage Columns.