What Are Access Groups?

Access groups are conditional segments created on your site. You can use specified conditions to define who should be a part of the group using both include and exclude conditions. The refresh rate for updating access groups is overnight.

How Do Include and Exclude Conditions Work?

Include Conditions: The include conditions operate as a "AND" function. This means that a person does not have to meet all of the group conditions, they only need to meet one. For example, if you had a group where one inclusive condition was anyone with the Status of "Active", and another inclusive condition for those who are in the placement group "Board of Directors", a user would only need to meet one of those conditions. Therefore, this group would contain everyone who is of an "Active" status, as well as anyone who is in the "Board of Directors" placement group.

Exclude Conditions: This allows you to provide a condition to exclude anyone from the group, who may meet one of the "Include" conditions. For example, let's say you had a group where one inclusive condition was anyone with the Status of "Active". Now let's assume that you want all actives except Betty Smith to be in the group. You would then add an "Exclude" condition, and this would exclude Betty Smith's specific account from the group.

How Can I Use These Access Groups?

Access groups can be used in various ways across the site. Some of the more common uses are to create a group of collective users through which you can communicate. You can also use these groups to add restrictions to various areas around the site.

Here are a few ways access groups can be used across your site:

  • To create GroupShare groups
  • To create a MailChimp segment
  • To run a report on contact information for a certain group of users
  • To send emails
  • To send push notifications
  • To restrict who can manage and view form submissions
  • To restrict who can sign up for certain events/shifts
  • To restrict who can have administrative access to manage certain events/shifts
  • To restrict who can see certain content pages

To watch the video tutorial: Video - Access Group Manager