This article will show you how to manage attendance for events in the Registration Tool Manager. If you are unable to access this page or can't see the events you are a Coordinator for under the Calendar, please contact the person who set up the event. 

The Primary Coordinator Access and the Secondary Coordinator Access fields should both be set to Manage Attendees in the Setup of the Registration Tool. Please review the Advanced - Coordinator section in Advanced Setup and Editing Registration Calendar

Required access:

You will need the Registration Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin Member Management by clicking on the person icon
  • Select Registration Tool Manager
  • Click Manage (next to the Registration Tool you are marking attendance for)
  • Click the people icon under the Attendees column next to the desired event

Attendees at a Glance

From this view, you will notice several columns used for managing the registrants for an event.


This allows you to go to an attendees profile, however this will not lead to the Admin Profile for the attendee.


From here you can manage the attendance status for a registrant which in turn decides whether or not that attendee gets credit for participating in the event. Once registered, a user will default to "Registered". If they cancel, then the status will be changed to "Cancelled". It will be up to whoever is in charge of checking the events to mark someone as "Attended", which gives credit, or "No Show", which does not give credit.

First Name & Last Name

This is where the first and last names of the registrant are stored. When you click on either, you will get a small pop up box with contact information for that registrant.

Override Hours

This is not to be confused for overriding Requirements credits! If you have the Advanced Hours tool, this will allow adding a greater or lesser value of hours for an individual than was previous specified.


If you opted to have a question/comment field on the registration page, this is where the answers each registrant gave will be. You can also add a comment as well if you need to make notes on a certain person.

The Attendee Toolbar

If you look above the event name while viewing attendees, you will see a toolbar.

Add Attendee
If you have a member that you would like to be at an event or needs to be at an event, you can use this to add them by searching for their name.


This will take you to the edit screen to edit the event.


This will create another instance of an event.


This will cancel the event.


  • Sign In Sheet - This will create a PDF of all of the Registrants that you can use as a sign in sheet for attendance purposes.

  • Event Reports - There are four different types of reports on this page: Attendee Report, Custom Question Report, Paid Event Roster Report, Registration Item Report and Registration Order Report


This gives you several different groups of people you can email based on the registration status.


This will show you the information for the event.

The refresh rate is immediate to mark someone as attended (Getting hours and meeting credit will apply after the event and may take overnight)