This article will walk you through how to mass assign members to registration events/shifts.

Mass Assign allows you to select a group of members and assign them all at once to one or more upcoming shifts/events.

Required access:

You will need the Registration Administrator access level. 

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin Member Management
  • Select Registration Tool Manager
  • Click Manage next to the Registration Tool you want to add events/shifts to
  • Click Mass Assign in the top navigation under Manage

Steps to be taken:

1. Once you are on the Mass Assign screen, you first will filter on the group of volunteers you'd like to select from. If you'd like to search across all volunteers, leave the Status dropdown at All.

2. Once you have added the filter, click into the box labeled Search for Members By Name, Email or Account ID.

3. Within the box you can search by any of the options. Click the name to select the user to assign the shift too. Click the box as many time as needed to select as many names as needed to assign.

4. You can also choose Select All to choose all names based on your filter, or Select None to remove any names you have chosen.

5. Next you'll choose the Registrations/Shifts you are assigning the selected users to.

6. First, you'll first on a date range to only look at events within a certain time frame.

7. Once you have added your filter, click into the box labeled Search for Registrations/Shifts.

8. Here you can choose the shifts to assign them to. You can choose multiple shifts.

9. You can then check off Send email notifications?
10. This will send an email to those assigned, letting them know they have been registered for a shift