This article will walk you through how to mass edit registration events/shifts. 

Mass Editing allows you to select multiple shifts/events and edit the details of them. You can choose to only edit pieces of the shifts in mass. For example, if you need to change the Coordinator for a group of shifts/events, this allows you to make this change all at once.

As a note, you can't mass edit past shifts, or shifts set up in the Recurring Shifts area. Recurring shifts can be edited on their own as a whole when going to Recurring Shifts > Edit. 

Locations should be added first in Registration Tool Manager > Add Location before creating shifts/events/meetings.

Required access:

You will need the Registration Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin Member Management 
  • Select Registration Tool Manager 
  • Click Manage next to the Registration Tool you want to add events/shifts to 
  • Click Mass Edit in the top navigation under Manage


  • From the homepage, hover over Calendar 
  • Select the Registration Calendar you are adding to. 
  • From there, in the top editor bar of the calendar click Mass Edit under Manage

Steps to be taken:

1. Once you are on the Mass Edit screen, you can check the box next to any shifts you are making a change to. As a note, whatever you are changing will change it for all selected shifts.

Here are the different edit actions that can be done in mass:

  • Change Need
  • Cancel Shifts
  • Change Start/End Time (of when the shift/event begins or ends) 
  • Change Locations (of where the shift/event is taking place) 
  • Change Coordinator 

2. After you check the boxes next to the shifts you'd like to edit, choose one of the options (for example, Change Locations)

3. On the next screen, you will select a new Location.

4. It'll then have you confirm the shifts you are updating

5. You can also choose to have an email send to the registrations to inform them of the update

6. Change Location

7. This will then change the location for the shifts you had selected.

8. You can follow these steps for any of the different available Mass Edit actions